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Zysense offers unique highly precise instruments in healthcare and specialty gas measurement applications. Our NOA 280i is the global leader in precise nitric oxide measurement and has been used by over 1000 leading hospitals and research institutions around the world. NOA 280i has been the equipment of choice for reliable, reproducible, and robust measurement of nitric oxide in blood, plasma, gases, cell cultures, and other applications.

Our exhaled nasal application has been used by researchers to diagnose asthma, primary ciliary diskensia, efficacy of vasodialators, neo-natal research, wound care, and many more. Not just for medical research, the NOA 280i is also widely used in the environmental field to measure agricultural responses to pathogens and diseases, as well as in progressing nutraceutical research into nitric-oxide-producing supplements such as beet and spinach juice.

Product information: nitric oxide analyzer, --280i, Nitric, Oxide, Analyzer

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